Suporte para Flash Player no Windows 8

Esta tarde, tivemos a breve noticia de que teremos suporte a Flash Player no Windows 8. Flash Player estará disponí­vel no Windows 8 para Desktop e Metro em x86/64 e chipsets ARM..

Veja o Flash Roadmap whitepaper:

Windows 8: Microsoft is currently developing Windows 8, which is the next generation of its Windows operating system. The operating system includes a number of different user interface configurations (desktop and Metro style) and targeted processor chipsets (x86/64 and ARM), which create a number of different development targets for the Flash runtimes. In addition, while Windows 8 Metro style is the primary interface for tablets and touch devices, it is also a core part of the user experience for Windows 8 running on desktops and laptops.

Flash Player release and debug players will be available and supported for Windows 8 Desktop and Metro style experiences on both x86/64 and ARM platforms.

In order to ensure the best experience for users, Microsoft maintains a compatibility view list of HTML and Flash content that is known to work well in Metro style Internet Explorer. Flash content not on the compatibility view list will not be displayed within Metro style Internet Explorer on Windows 8. Developers and users will have a number of options on how such content can be viewed, including viewing it in Windows 8 desktop.

Adobe and Microsoft will be publishing technical information on how to ensure that Flash content provides the best experience for end users. This document will be updated once that information is available.

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