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The niche of e-learning is one of that more they grow currently in the Internet, happened of the growth of users and content in the Internet. Macromedia always had fort presence in this area, old with authoware, director and Flash. Currently it follows as main focus to the Breeze, Captivate and clearly the Flash. Using the concept of e-learning RIA earns in usabilitygiving to the user an only experience beyond the reduction of the production time and cost creating the concept of Rapid-Learning and Rapid-Training. It can for example, to create a videoconference so that pupils in a place and the teacher in another distant place, the teacher having freedom to create chats, polls in real time. Being enough pra this to have a navigator with installed the Flash Player. Reducing a training for example that it would only take weeks for 2 days.

We go to explain each tool.

Macromedia Captivate.

With Macromedia Captivate (Robo-demo) is possivel to create demonstrations online, helps online, e-learning. You capture its screens of development and mounts its presentation in SWF. Being able disponibiliza them in its site, CD of training and for its Breeze server.

Macromedia Breeze
Macromedia Breeze is a solution that allows that you it personalizes presentations created in the Power Point through inclusion of narration and later it publishes the result in SWF. Through the Breeze, also if can construct complete systems of training, with evaluations, analyses and reports. Perfect for sites of e-learning. Moreover, videoconferences bring much economy when subistituir real meetings. Nothing better that a presentation in Breeze to speak well on Breeze.
Sobre o Breeze

This concept already this being applied in some universities of the world. Many companies already had discovered the benefits of the Rapid-learning and the Rapid Training.
Macromedia Breeze

Macromedia Captivate


Macromedia E-Learning

E-learnign Brasil

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